ZEMOS98 works at the intersections of cultural processes mediating for social transformation, fostering a culture of participation and advocating for a critical citizenship with the dominant narratives. A cooperative composed of Sofía Coca Gamito, Pedro Jiménez Álvarez, Felipe G. Gil and Lucas Tello Pérez, with its main base in Seville, the audiovisual is an integral tool of its work.ZEMOS98 curates, produces and coordinates various public activities that are situated at the intersections between cultural and artistic practices, new audiovisual narratives, or technology, among them the


ZEMOS98 Festival (1999-2015), which programmed for 17 editions some of the most contemporary activities of the moment in the city of Seville. It arises from a team of communicologists and technologists of image and sound dedicated for years to the investigation of the narratives emerged in the new media (internet, digital video, net.radio, weblogs, rss...) and to the production of cultural events.


ZEMOS98 coordinates networks of organizations, working in different areas related to cultural mediation at local, regional, state and international levels. It currently coordinates the Planea Network. Art and School, where a group of educational centers, agents and cultural institutions of the communities of Madrid, Valencia and Andalusia are committed to use artistic practices in public schools in a transversal way, located in the territories and with a vocation of generalization and permanence.