Rental and sale

HAMACA offers an international renting service of all the pieces of its catalogue for its use in the art or audiovisual field (as it could be an exhibition, an individual screening, video cycles, festivals, etc.), in museums, art centres, cultural spaces, etc. At the same time these services are destined to screenings of educative or pedagogical purposes (in universities, schools, institutes, conferences, formation programs, etc.), and also to public emissions through television (in this case, the pieces would be offered in an appropriate format such as BETACAM).

HAMACA also offers the service of sale of digital copies so that they can be consulted in media libraries, online libraries and general libraries.




Day: 100€
Week: 250€
Exhibition: 900€


Day: 40€
Week: 100€
Semester: 240€



Media Library: 250€
Library: 120€

To request a sale service please contact with: