The screening sessions of HAMACA began in the Maldà Cinemas (Barcelona) in 2010. From 2009 to 2013, this cycle was organized to revive the video screenings that were realized in the 80s. The main pieces of Hamaca's catalogue were presented after a thematic selection of a curator. Some examples are the program "Desmuntatge al dia" of Eugeni Bonet or "Per una part, ja veu vostè i per l'altra, què vol que li digui..." of Chus Martínez or "Ecografies d'allò polític" of Fito Rodríguez.

Since 2014, the program occurs in Arts Santa Mònica, presenting the latest productions of the artists in our catalogue, the path of historically representative creators of the medium and video works of younger authors. The session included the presence of the artist and a guest of the audiovisual or art field, who debated about the different aspects around the pieces presented. 

Since 2016, HAMACA Screens cycle has been extending in other areas of Cataluña. The program has been presented in territories of few experimental cinema and video offer by the participation of different Catalan art centres of the areas: in Girona, we count with the collaboration of the art centre "el Bòlit"; in Lleida, with "La Panera; and in Amposta, with "Lo Pati". 

The aim of this program is to find synergies of the works with the context, implying local cultural agents and using the presence of the artists in these cities to develop educational activities in the frame of our program HAMACA Educates (HAMACA Educa).