We preserve
We preserve physical and digital video archives –from productions of the 1970s to contemporary works–. We recover damaged audiovisual pieces from the past. At the same time, we catalog and classify these productions to facilitate their later study.

We distribute
We distribute our catalogue through a rental service to institutions, entities or television platforms and we have a sale service of copies to libraries, media libraries, etc. With these actions, we intend to promote the investigation and access to the video field, guaranteeing this way a fair retribution for the artists.

We screen
We ensure the presence of contemporary and historic video productions in national and international screenings, as in different audiovisual programs.

We educate
Through workshops, conferences and pedagogic suitcases, we promote the video practice in educative contexts such as secondary and high schools.

We edit
In collaboration with researchers and video specialists we create thematic lines of publications that facilitate the critical and historical reception of the medium.