Hamaca invites you to be part of our community of Friends: people and cultural entities fascinated about non-conventional video practices, interested in supporting the project, about what and how we run it.

Why to become a Friend of Hamaca, an Amiga de Hamaca?

  • Because you prefer cultural structures of collective nature.
  • Because you are interested in video and experimental cinema.
  • Because you want it to be disseminated, researched, learned ...
  • Because with your Single Fee you will reduce the cash and liquidity delays that we suffer every year during the first 6 months. You will facilitate that the technical team, directors and collaborators of all programs will get payed without delays.
  • Because thanks to you, the Hamaca platform and all those who support it with their work will find ways for stability, continuity and well-being.
  • Because many small units make a big thing.

How does it work?

Option 1)
Become an Amiga Hamaca with a contribution of € 18 and get the T-shirt Amigues Hamaca <3

Option 2)
Become an Amiga Hamaca for your whole life. Pay a single fee of € 50. No annual commitments! And as benefits, you get:

  • Free or reduced tuition in our learning programs
  • Access to all screening programs
  • Possibility of consulting the archive in its entirety, temporarily and upon request
  • The T-shirt Amigues Hamaca <3 as a gift

Option 3)
Become a VERY Amiga Hamaca by contributing with larger amounts as a donation. In addition to all of the above benefits, you will become a recognized patron of the project.

→ Fill out the form to become an Amiga Hamaca

For further information you can write us at

Thank you for your support!


* * *

VERY Amigas Hamaca
People who have supported the project in a unique way (not necessary or only through donation)

  • Eugeni Bonet
  • Mireia c. Saladrigues
  • Marc Vives
  • Violeta Mayoral
  • Clara Piazuelo
  • Miguel Álvarez
  • Anna Manubens
  • Cristina Garrido
  • Mariona Moncunill
  • Olatz Azcona Saldías
  • Jota Pony
  • Ignacio Vega Quintanal
  • Jara Rocha
  • Laura Baigorri