HAMACA is a non-profit association focused on preserving, distributing and promoting the video produced Spain within a national and international scope. In HAMACA we look after our audiovisual heritage and its public transmission.

The archive was created in 2005 and since then it compiles the most representative productions from the 1970s to the present. Currently, it counts with a catalogue that contains more than a thousand titles of artists and filmmakers that is updated every two years based on the selection of a jury formed by professionals of the video field and the visual arts.

The productions of the catalogue are distributed in cultural, educative and social environments, creating a dialogue between the videographic pieces and these social environments. Therefore, HAMACA highlights the video medium as a tool of construction of the collective imaginary.

Finally, from HAMACA we seek to generate an economic flow for artists, to contribute in the defence of a fair remuneration and professionalization of the contemporary audiovisual practices in our context.