Fundación Rodríguez

Fundación Rodríguez works as a group since 1994. Since then he has organized and coordinated projects, mainly related to contemporary culture and new media, understanding their activities as an extension of his artistic work. We seek alignment between project and support, always from a theoretical formula which raises new curatorial and new modes of production, dissemination and distribution of the artistic today.

Our work is anchored in concepts over time as the dissolution of the formats and the issue of free knowledge. During these years we presented our work in different forums, conferences and symposiums festivals such as ISEA 2004, Stockholm, Tallinn, Helsinki, ISEA 2002, Nagoya, Japan, New Media Festival (Maribor, Slovenia); Transitio_MX, Mexico; No Space is Innocent , Austria; CaixaForum-Barcelona, EACC, Castelló, among others. We have collaborated on numerous publications such as Leonardo (MIT), Zehar (Arteleku), Pulgar (Venezuela), Artefact (Croatia)...