Maite Cajaraville

Maite Cajaraville (1967, Llerena, Badajoz). For the past ten years I have combined my work as an artist with my involvement as a creative in the field of new media. MFA in Theory and Practice of Contemporary Art at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Diploma in Computer Science (Madrid, 1991-93). I completed my multidisciplinary education with a grant “Pépinieres européenes” at the Städelschule für Bildene Kunst in Frankfurt (Germany, 1993-96).

At Frankfurt’s Städelschule für Bildene Kunst I worked interdisciplinarily under the direct supervision of the artists and professors Peter Weibel and Thomas Bayrle, and I specialised in the disciplines of interdisciplinary art, video art and digital art.

Since then I have regularly attended seminars and courses on art, communication and new media: in Linz (Ars Electronica, Austria), Kassel (Documenta, Germany), Lisbon (ExperimentaDesign, Portugal), Montreal (IMC, Canada) and Spain (Universities of Cuenca and Madrid).

As an artist I have participated in various fairs, screenings, festivals and exhibitions in Spain (including various editions of ARCO, by invitation from different museums and galleries, and Fundación ARCO) and Europe (in France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain and Germany).

My art production includes video pieces such as Naked, Cyborgs, Hombres y Drag Queens, Inocencia Artificial, Morgam or La matanza, interactive pieces such as The flux of Influences and Helicopter and large format installations such as What’s happenning in my living room? or Especular, Imaginar...

I am a founding member and coordinator of the artistic platform coneXió, a pioneer initiative (created in 1996) for the distribution of digital culture in the Internet. In addition, I have founded and am responsible for Peninsulares Vídeo, an association and directory of video art and artists.

I curated the Festival de Arte y Nuevas tecnologías Mediarama, sponsored by the Junta de Andalucía. Y have contributed to different art and new media magazines and participated in conferences related to my areas of artistic specialisation.