Virginia Villaplana

Writer, visual artist and independent cultural producter. Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Theory of languages at the University of Valencia. As an artist develops film projects and installation as "Cine Infinito" (Sala Gallera de Valencia, 2008), Mundo Paraiso Perdido (Generations Cajamadrid, 2008-2009), Mapas, Cosmografías y puntos de referencia (CGAC, 2007), Una película de ficción (MUSAC, 2004), Cuerpos de Producción (CGAC, 2005). El cine de afuera: el espíritu del retrato. San Sebastián (2003), Arquitecturas del discurso, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Ute Meta Bauer, Barcelona, 2002), Cine y casi cine, MNCARS, (Madrid 2002), Kosmopolis. Verbarium (CCCB Barcelona, 2002) Narratives of work. INIVE (London, 2002), Single Channel, MNCARS, (Madrid 2002). He has curated and co-edited Cárcel de Amor. Relatos culturales sobre la violencia de género (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, 2005). In / security in a global context. Art Festival. The City of Women. Ljubljana, Slovenia. Le détournement des technologies, Constantvz, Brussels. Miradas transversales al género, Ecosofías, Madrid, 2000; Amores y Deseos, Diputación de Granada, 2003; Just do it, and Labour RealTV. Do not work from 2003 to present for the Mostra International de Films de Dones, Barcelona. She is the author of the book of stories and photograph 24 Contratiempos and numerous articles and essays on cinema, discourse theory, cultural criticism and gender. Among the latest chapters published in books include: One minute for a television image. Agnès Varda, Stories without arguments. Pere Portabella , The impossible Cinema of Jean Eustache, Trompe the Mémoire. History and visual, speech television violence: representation and registration set out in the fragmented audiovisual narrative forms, electronic culture: contextual video and media in cultural practice, Del Mono Azul al Cuello Blanco, Social Transformation and artistic practice in the postindustrial age, Fahrenheit 451. From 1992 to 2002 was editorial coordinator of Ediciones de la Mirada and of the magazine Banda Aparte, ways of seeing.