Apple Core

Txuspo Poyo
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Txuspo Poyo’s videos often portray a psychological state which the spectators end up taking part in almost without realising it. This has to do with the way in which the camera is used, the editing, the different shots, and the soundtrack. As in most of his other works, Apple Core lacks an explicit narrative to guide the spectator through the different characters and spaces. What prevails in the video is the recreation of a specific psychological state.

On a first instance, the main character of this video is a small girl who seems to be going after an apple’s core. Later, this becomes a ball rolling through different spaces. These are at first domestic, but gradually become hostile, seemingly abandoned spaces, belonging to what once could have been a hotel. We hear laughter and the sound of the ball rolling on the floor and staircases. As it traverses the different spaces, it paints a particular portrait of the rooms and little nooks and crannies in the building. The spectator quickly notices that the unavoidable referent for this video is Stanley Kubrick and especially one of the scenes in his film The Shining, in which the camera follows a small kid as he rides his bicycle through the hotel where the film takes place.

The rolling of the ball and the soundtrack take the spectator into a kind of hypnotic state, whereby the possible story and the end of the ball’s journey loose all relevance.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Apple Core
  • Direction: Txuspo Poyo
  • Production: Txuspo Poyo (Urbasa, Navarra). 1997.
  • Duration: 00:15:10
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: PAL
  • License: Copyright