Caucus Fuengirola

Agustín Parejo School
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This piece documents the performance Caucus that took place in Fuengirola the 4th of January of 1986. It parodies an electoral campaign by depleting it of any kind of political reference or identity. This is an electoral campaign "valid for any political party for any occasion". A candidate to political elections strolls along the streets of a city accompanied by his personal team of employees, who put posters up and paint graffities as they walk along the streets. A car covered in stickers follows them along. Its PA system shouts continuously "Vote Moreno" as it throws stickers out on the street. The performance took place as part of a "conceptual" workshop day titled "Propuesta Cero" (Zero proposal), and it included a speech by the candidate Mr. Moreno, which was not recorded on video.

Agustín Parejo School strategically mislead in their performances, and in this one, as in many others, they use the public space both as stage and as institutional legacy. Caucus follows the basic requirements of every political campaign: it must have its own personality and it must create a kind of corporate identity or brand to reflect both the party ideology and also the values of the different candidates. At the same time, Caucus mocks this theory by generating with this parody a naked and fierce critique of the pantomime with which politicians during electoral campaigns attempt to buy out citizens.

Caucus registers a collective performance by this artistic activism group from Málaga (APS), who in their work, place the focus of meaning in what the poet and professor Esteban Pujals calls "a collective hyperactivity developed along the gaps of post-francoist Spain, fleeing not only from the world of labour and the art of talent, but also from a politics based on a party system (...)". APS very probably was not completely aware of the possibilities of this and the other actions that they performed in the 1980s, in terms of the social analysis and the examination of certain effects of symbolic production which they instanced.

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  • Title: Caucus Fuengirola
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  • Production: Agustín Parejo School. 1986.
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