La Construcción de Imágenes/Imágenes de Mujeres

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The collective Erreakzioa-Reacción present in this video a caustic critique of the models imposed on women by sexist society, focusing on the woman’s body and on the treatment that the mass media offer of her. Woman in this society is subject to the slogans of the market and of the dominant ideology and finds herself in a constant inner contradiction between what she wants to be, what she projects and what power, the media and tradition demand of her. All of this takes place within an extremely consumerist scenario which can only but generate unsatisfied desires in women.

The artists that founded the collective Erreakzioa-Reacción in 1994, partake as feminist militants in workshops, exhibitions, seminars and have produced a set of pieces that are signed collectively. Their preferred disciplines are those previously marginalised such as video, comic or drawing, rather than traditional media.

By means of a re-montage of images taken from the media environment surrounding us, the collective invites us to “wake up” from the narcotic lethargy which the media subject us to on a daily basis, making us believe that our image is deficient if it does not conform to the imposed measurements. In all of these referents, woman is nothing more than a body object which must fit into a certain size, a specific volume and a number of expectations, leaving aside other forms of personal development.

The collective’s weapons are often humour and irony, with a greatly effective intelligent causticity. This is particularly evident when they attack everyday sexist attitudes that need to be disclosed and with which we are all familiar despite being clearly discriminatory.

The work of Erreakzioa-Reacción is unambiguously positioned within the feminist debate. It is closer to constructionist tendencies than to neo-essentialism, but always from an open standpoint. They could perfectly appropriate Rosi Braidotti’s dictate to configure forms of resistance through humour: “Following the Bad Girls Manifesto: “Through laughter, our rage becomes a liberating weapon.”

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  • Title: La Construcción de Imágenes/Imágenes de Mujeres
  • Direction: Erreakzioa-reacción
  • Production: Erreakzioa-reacción. 2001.
  • Duration: 00:03:30
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Original format: Betacam SP
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: PAL
  • License: Copyright