La formació de La formació del paisatge

Mariona Moncunill

La formació de La formació del paisatge is a video about the permanent exhibition La formació del paisatge at the Museu Comarcal de Manresa, which shows "the geological formation and the animal and plant life prior to the first witnesses of human presence" and which is now covered and packed away due to the works being carried out at the museum.

The proposal gathers, through a series of interviews, the accounts of some of the people who participated in its history - from the search and selection of fossils and minerals, to the museographic discourse and the design of the display cases and panels. Thus, the aim is to situate and contextually articulate the showcases and highlight the specificity of the stories linked to their content, their formation, the motivations that made them possible, their origin, or the specific subjectivities that have made them what they are, as opposed to the "universality" of the objects on display - the mineral that represents its entire typology beyond its own specificity. The common and vague place that is, for most of us, the visualisation of a display case of minerals or fossils, is, in the video, challenged by the diversity of voices that explain it, but never seen in a direct way.

Copy with English subtitles is available on demand.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: La formació de La formació del paisatge
  • Direction: Mariona Moncunill
  • Production: 2020.
  • Team:

    Càmera: Núria Nia
    So: Aleix Prats

  • Duration: 00:15:14
  • Languages: Catalan
  • Original format: Quicktime
  • Formats: HD 1920x1080