Ignacio Pardo
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This pioneer piece of digital animation in Spain, introduces us into a disturbing ecosystem in which a number of highly sexualised elements travel across the space, and encounter each other in a seemingly arbitrary manner.

Tremendously innovative from a technical point of view, Ninfografía outlines an interest in the erotic that Ignacio Pardo will develop in his later works. In this piece he recreates a fictitious world in which pupils are occupied by nipples, semen drops from taps, worms penetrate apples and various liquid flows feed the spectator’s gaze, which, with a bird’s eye view, will travel across this digital setting. This delirium, which in some of its aspects reminds us of pictorial surrealism, avoids the latter through the coldness with which the different elements that inhabit this setting relate to each other. Digital sex is not itself presented as something calculated, methodical and aseptic. The artist manages, in the length of the piece, to orchestrate an amazing visual orgy which on occasions will force the viewer to move back from the screen so as not to get hit by the fluids emanating from the various orifices.

This is no doubt a key work in terms of the development of digital art in Spain. It is a common referent for many later works. Ninfografía speaks about the desire condensed within the masculine gaze, and explores the possibilities that this new medium offers for the recreation of dreams and phantasms of an erotic imaginary tremendously complex and elaborated.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Ninfografia
  • Direction: Ignacio Pardo
  • Production: Ignacio Pardo. 1992.
  • Team:

    Banda sonora: Michel Canadá

  • Duration: 00:06:35
  • Original format: U-Matic
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: PAL
  • License: Copyright