Private eyes

Oriol Sánchez

Private Eye aka Aplonia Secret is tough. It’s sharp in its aggressive, explosive editing. In its (deliberately) off-putting disorder, it instantiates cinema’s brutality. The symbolism of the imagery nicely distances the imagery, effectively balancing the gritty realism of many of the images by holding it at a distance. Your use of indirection and the relatively complex imagery effectively contain the overall violence of the piece. In this film, too, your interests in the cinema’s uncanny character, the haunted character of severed spaces and the cinema’s tendency to push language towards meaningless or, at least, towards uncertainty and indeterminacy (a result of cinema’s privileging dynamic form) are all effectively conveyed. The juxtaposition of sound and images sometimes comes close to being downright surrealistic.

R. Bruce Elder

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Private eyes
  • Direction: Oriol Sánchez
  • Production: 2013.
  • Duration: 00:30:10
  • Formats: Quicktime
  • TV systems: PAL
  • License: Copyright