Anna Gimein y Fernando Baena

Anna Gimein came to the visual arts from dance and music, starting with action art and video. From a multidisciplinary approach, Gimein uses movement as a language to channel both phenomena that inhabit the interior of bodies and common gestures that turn dance into a shared social expression. The spoken and written word is another axis of her work, very present in her audiovisual creations. Here, the interest in language is manifested through the visual representation of written language, as well as the use of voice and sound as elements of equal importance to the image. 

Fernando Baena is an artist and cultural worker. In addition to his individual artistic work in the fields of painting, photography, installation, video and performance, he has curated and organized several artistic projects and has been part of collaborative projects such as LaHostiaFineArts, Dentro-Fuera or the Escuela de Tauromaquia de la Tabacalera. Much of his artistic career takes place in non-commercial circuits, such as Espacio P, Cruce, El Ojo Atómico, Zona de Acción Temporal, Tabacalera or ABM confecciones, as well as in public art projects such as Rehabi(li)tar Lavapiés, Artifariti (Western Sahara), Madrid Abierto or Aberto Brasila. He has also exhibited in galleries such as Valle Quintana or Magda Bellot and published the books "Aguanta" (2021) and "Andar al alba" (2021). As an audiovisual artist, stand out the following works: "El Instante" (2022), "La casa vieja" (2022) and "Cancionero de las nueve mañanas" (2023).