88 years later (Dziga Vertov, eat your heart out)

Anna Gimein, Fernando Baena

In Dziga Vertov's Eat Your Heart Out, a group of senior citizens dance freely and then march in front of a stately building in St. Petersburg. The band, located offstage, encourages the group to perform different performativities and movements. Time and memory are the protagonists of this video, recorded with a domestic camera in 2005, 88 years after the Russian Revolution. The time that follows, undaunted, its course, unaware of the reasons for the celebration. Unknown before a festive temporary record before an unspoken act or subversiveness. This video was edited on the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, specifically to be part of the exhibition "Revolution" held at ABM Confecciones (Vallecas, Madrid). It is the first of a small series of works called "Kino-post-pravdA".

100 years after Dziga Vertov started the documentary newsreel "Kino-Pravda" (1922), it is difficult to reach again such pretension of reality or veracity. However, nothing prevents or avoids continuing to search for some of the characteristics of Vertov's cinematographic practice: the recording of fragments of current events charged with "authentic energy". 

In 2023, the work participated in the exhibition "Hecho en casa. Current domestic video art in Spain" held at the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Conde Duque (Madrid).

Technical datasheet

  • Title: 88 years later (Dziga Vertov, eat your heart out)
  • Direction: Anna Gimein, Fernando Baena
  • Production: 2017.
  • Duration: 00:04:51
  • Languages: without dialogue
  • Original format: Mini DV
  • Formats: HD 720 x 576
  • License: Copyright