Kancler/ Steidinger

Kancler/Steidinger currently live and work in Barcelona. They are part of the Enmedio collective.

Tjasa Kancler,, artist and associate professor at the Fine Arts University of Barcelona, (Disign and Image Department). She has participated in exhibition projects such as 24hores Hangar Obert@ CASM (Centre d'Art Santa Monica, Barcelona, 2008), Working Documents, Espai 4, Palau de la Virreina (Barcelona, 2008), Berlinale Talent Campus (Berlin, 2009), Sarajevo Talent Campus (Sarajevo 2009), The Law of Capital: Historiïs of Oppression, City Museum (Ljubljana 2009), Treballs forçats, Loop (Barcelona, 2010), La Web Mediatizada, Arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona, 2010), A Chimerical Tenant, Kunstnernes Hus (Oslo, 2011).

Anja Steidinger, artist and researcher in the research group MetaMétodos of the Facultat de Belles arts, Universitat de Barcelona. She has participated in exhibition projects such as Getthatbalance (Hamburg, Germany 2001), Havana Biennial (Havana, Cuba, 2006), Artivistic'07 (Mont-real, Canada 2007), No time to lose, Visual Art Centre Peacock (Aberdeen, Scotland, 2008), Working Documents, Espai 4, Palau de la Virreina (Barcelona, 2008), A Chimerical Tenant, Kunstnernes Hus, (Oslo, 2011), Art'11, Academy Commons, Verbindingen Jonctions 13, (Brussel-les 2011).




In the current socio-political context of global capitalism, of the deep crisis of political and economic legitimacy in which we find ourselves, the consequences are numerous also for contemporary art, culture, theory and/or any radical political act. To research, construct and rethink the expressive forms, the conditions of artistic production and intervention in this present reality, Kancler / Steidinger situate their practice at the intersection between art, activism, theory and politics. How to hack when I become the product? What place do we occupy today in the relations of production? What role does the instrumentalization of art and culture play? How to articulate the critique that makes us feel uncomfortable in the spaces of exploitation, that allows us to visualize conflicts, absences, and power relations? How can we politicize today?