Kónic Thtr.

Konic Thtr. is a group formed by Rosa Sánchez and Alain Baumann, with ample experience in art projects combining interactive audiovisual technology, music, theatre and/or dance. In addition, Konic thtr is developing a research project and regularly organises media labs and workshops.

Rosa Sánchez:
Multidisciplinary and multimedia artist, performer and choreographer.
She has developed her most remarkable artistic project within the multimedia artistic platform, Konic thtr, which she created in 1985 and co-directs with Alain Baumann.
She has a long professional trajectory in the field of new technologies applied to installation, performance, dance and theatre.

Alain Baumann:
Musician, multidisciplinary and multimedia artist, researcher of new systems for the production of sound. He is responsible for the development of the interactive systems used in the most remarkable artistic projects by Konic thtr.
He composes the soundtracks for Rosa Sánchez’s videographic pieces and Konic thtr’s scenic projects.
He is the author of the interactive sound compositions of the Konic thtr’s installations and since 1985 composer and performer of the music in the cds published by Konic thtr.