IO.Zn Interface Osmòtic

Kónic Thtr.

The interface is today a blurry border between reality and virtuality. To go through the screen could mean falling victim of a virus: with the following irritation and destruction of one’s own system. But a response that immunises can also be generated. “Subject: the construction of an ideology of control within technoculture. Videographic evolution of sound and infographic material from the spectacle IO.Zn by Konic Thtr.” Alternatives, and warnings, about interactivity in the promised cyberworld.

IO.Zn Interface Osmotic stems from the concert performance by the same name that took place within Barcelona’s Festival Grec, and the international tour that followed between 1997 and 1998. This is an examination of digital technology, its manipulation and its reception after the hybridization of different art and technological languages. In the translation from the hypermedia diagram of the interactive cd-rom to the linearity of the video, IO.Zn Interface Osmotic is built via a coherent array of moments of comfort and excitation. As an allegory of interactive technology as a system of interfaces, when applied to the installation and the performance, these could be considered sketches for the behaviour of future avatars.

On a first instance, control programmes based on the comfort of the most possible sensations are designed in the neuro-industries via a process that evaluates encoding and interpretation systems. One’s own image and the virtual environment are adapted at whim. In a second chapter, the emotive morphologies of virtual identity are dealt with, longing for a digital replica of the human being: flesh, organs, sexuality, pregnancy, cloning,  birth, etc. Bodies will be relative and permutable, as identity politics will be constantly applied. Creativity and the consolidation of roles, positions and relations, supported by emotions and expectations, will constitute the being’s perceptions. And at last, it is pointed out that the capacities for interaction with the virtual environment require an organised logics. Due to the fact that our contact surfaces are incompatible with digital access, human beings need prostheses to engage with other realities. Interactivity is an entry door into the cyberworld. But there is still an epilogue in which we are warned that “mutation is the engine of physical adaptability”.

This video is the point of the iceberg of the movement that was instanced, at the end of the 1990s, by the new capacities for digital interaction in the field of art production. Since 1985 Rosa Sánchez combines her video work with the sound compositions of Alain Baumann, under the name of Konic thtr. The laboratory exploration of interactive technology has allowed them to develop new languages and artifacts for art production and communication; mechanisms which they apply within various disciplines, interposing this research in process, with the production of specific projects and workshops in which they share their knowledge and skills.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: IO.Zn Interface Osmòtic
  • Direction: Kónic Thtr.
  • Production: Generalitat Catalunya + Kònic thtr.. 1998.
  • Team:

    Directed by: Rosa Sánchez
    Script: Rosa Sánchez
    Music: Alain Baumann
    Performers: Rosa Sánchez,  Alain Baumann
    Camera: Rosa Sánchez y  Alain Baumann
    Edition: Sandra Sánchez
    With help from: Continental Producions, A Coruña

  • Duration: 00:07:45
  • Languages: Catalan
  • Original format: DV-Cam
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: NTSC - PAL
  • License: Copyright