Los Torreznos

Los Torreznos (Jaime Vallaure and Rafael Lamata) are a duo that works in the field of performance from a conceptual perspective, with the minimum of elements, mainly with their presence, the body and the word. They work starting with humor as a consequence of revealing the absurdity of normalized human behavior.

Their work is on the border between the so-called "action art", "multimedia" and "scenic works". Los Torreznos move in the search and expressive experimentation through simple forms that in the first instance are accessible to anyone and not only to those specialists in the languages of contemporary art. The humor, which apparently covers many of their pieces, is only the consequence of revealing the absurdity of the normalized human behavior that is so familiar to us.


Their trajectory between contemporary art and the contemporary scene, investigates the frontier of what is called "action art" through scenic, sound and video pieces. Their videos have been part of the Spanish Pavilion of the 52nd edition of the Venice Biennale (Paradiso spezzato, 2007) and have participated in numerous festivals in Spain (Escena Contemporánea, Mapa, In presentable, QUAM, Pan, Contenedores, Mad, etc.) and internationally (Shanghai, Phoenix, Glasgow, Moscow, Helsinki, Cairo, Quebec, Paris, etc.).  

Los Torreznos, a collective of independent artistic creation, was founded in 2000. Rafael Lamata and Jaime Vallaure have carried out numerous joint intervention works and have been founding members and active components of the experimental creation group Circo Interior Bruto 2000/05 and Zona de Acción Temporal (ZAT) 1997/98.