tacoderaya are Jonás de Murias and Paula Pérez-Roda. A collective of voice and sound selection, oral and rhythmic remixing and generation of verbo-sensorial experiences, tacoderaya works in the interstices of performance, verbal arts and sound art through different techniques of participant research. They have been residents of PhotoEspaña and have performed in institutions such as CA2M, Sala de Arte Joven, Matadero Madrid or Conde Duque. Among their verbal and performative work are the works HAY UNA PELEA E IMPORTA QUE PASE, (2015), a speech action around the plotting of egos in any group taxonomy and its relation to violence and titled this truste ánimo yop uwu (2020), a work that places in front of the dispersion of the ego and the search for attentional-capitalist experiences. 1 ola majestic en mi balconee is his first video work and focuses on the landscapes of tourism as a nexus between climate catastrophe and leisure.

Jonás de Murias is artist & surroundings. 
Paula Pérez-Roda is researcher, editor & artist.