Acciones en el Universo

Bestué Vives
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The project develops itself for the first time in Berlin–been shown before as a Soloproject in Arco’07 the part of “The cave”-. Later, is moved to Espai Zero1 in Olot. They raise the project as a kind of terror tunnel, or experimental corridor (as they say), the diferent steps are distributed among the rooms in which is divided the space. Starting by the microscopic, and tending to that macroscopic until arriving the abstract.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Acciones en el Universo
  • Direction: Bestué Vives
  • Production: Bestué - Vives. 2008.
  • Duration: 00:11:11
  • Languages: English
  • Original format: Quicktime
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: NTSC - PAL
  • License: Copyright