Celina contra Pin y Pon

Jana Leo
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A drama, the insides of a love triangle, performed by dolls that are manipulated by the author's hands. Atop a table, with a few beers on her home's balcony, she is able to put together a set and represent a commonplace melodrama.

Two dolls, the first, a redhead dressed in blue and the second, a naked black male. They go out for drinks (which are taller than the characters). A third doll who is tall, clear skinned, and impeccably dressed as an extraterrestrial, is attracted to the redhead. In order to conquer the female he hits the other doll while also performing other feats to impress her. She reacts by attacking the intruder and gives him a beating. In the end, the couple gets back together and continues with the party. A simple and unpretentious story with the power of proximity and one's own personal experiences, although they are represented here by dolls.

In this video the domestic mechanism achieves its maximum splendor through the camera's use. The device's improvisation, immediacy, and proximity make it possible to get something out of the toy's typology. Jana Leo moves them around and develops their potential love affairs set against an accordion's sound which substitutes the action's possible words and onomatopoeias. The one who appears bad is really bad and the good ones are really good. A typical love triangle that is renewed by the setting (upon a table) like a child's game. The playful appearance removes the seriousness from the situation's reality, the domestic violence, and the passionate charge. The same mechanism of puppets, fantasy, and children's stories is used to develop a personal experience that at the same time serves to deflate whatever personal frustration was produced by the event's reality.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Celina contra Pin y Pon
  • Direction: Jana Leo
  • Production: Jana Leo. 1996.
  • Duration: 00:03:33
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: NTSC - PAL
  • License: Copyright