Los Productores

David Domingo
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Infatuated with remakes and unorthodox revisions of cultural classics, the author dares to attempt to make a version of Disney’s “Bambi”, from 1942, but conceived by two daring producers from their offices on Sunset Boulevard as a film with real actors.

The two producers, one of whom is played David Domingo himself, begin by doing a series of tests with their favourite actress; Bea Pawner, who will play Bambi. Little by little we observe the different stages of the filming, including some technical accidents, which affect the story at an emotional level.

The film allows for a reflection of the process of the film shoot, which makes use of some ethically questionable procedures. Tension with the press, the exploitation of workers, and the relationship of dependence that are established amongst the actors are analysed... and all of it is drawn out from the delirious scenes that emerge from improvisation, and that brilliantly question the working methods of the film industry, criticising the idea of entertainment and the conservative values that underlie such products.

With a form inspired by amateur cinema, and a carefully presented shoddy aesthetic, the comedy of the absurd and of improvisation unravels through humorous dialogues and situations that show an overflowing talent for sharp critique without moralising intentions, revealing freedom and freshness.

Interested in the use of found footage, of deconstruction, of filmic detournement, his works are good examples of the most hybridised of postmodern audiovisuals. Personal worlds, fears and passions express themselves in an overflow of associations that appear to be inspired by dreams and visions.

Gradually, and mainly thanks to word of mouth and to the reviews of a few initiates, his work has established itself in the circuits of experimental cinema as much as in those of the contemporary art world as a result of the malleability of his work, where documentary, video art and visual poetry converge.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Los Productores
  • Direction: David Domingo
  • Production: David Domingo. 2004.
  • Team:

    Cast: Ximo Kim, Bea Pawner, Davidson, María Padilla, Salva Vidal, Carlos Cañadas, Carlos Bagán, Ana Belén,  Juan Dos

  • Duration: 01:06:37
  • Languages: English - Spanish
  • Subtitles: Spanish
  • Original format: Mini DV
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: PAL
  • License: Copyright