Potser Si Que Tots Som Iguals

Xavier Manubens | Maite Ninou

To pass. This is what the team of artists, Maite Ninou and Xavier Manubens, offer us. To pass through life, to pass and leave our trace along that passing. It is easy to say, but... how is it done exactly? how can our passing through life leave a trace capable of writing the time of life? Well, the video Potser si que tots som iguals holds a hypothesis, or even, a conscience: we are, as human beings, individually ephemeral, but collectively, we remain. When she forms a community the individual is capable of modifying the forms, that is, of trans-forming the world. This is demonstrated by the carved stones, erected more than five thousand years ago by communities, civilizations even, without any relation between each other: to change the position of those objects (the stones) without a practical use in mind, produces a radical change in our way of understanding the world. What kind of a change? For these two artists, these primitive actions found a new kind of practice in the world: the art installation. Maite and Xavier once again pass through this practice, and we, the viewers, with them.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Potser Si Que Tots Som Iguals
  • Direction: Xavier Manubens - Maite Ninou
  • Production: 1993.
  • Duration: 00:09:15
  • Languages: Catalan - English - French - Spanish
  • Original format: Betacam SP
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: PAL
  • License: Copyright