Manel Muntaner
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Prague, a city with an important historical past, receives and welcomes tourists to its streets. Musicians, jugglers and all kinds of street artists offer their skills to the onlookers. With tourism, Prague becomes a city of contrasts: at the same time quiet and lively, traditional and cosmopolitan.

The trip to Prague starts by the window of a bus, as we watch sunflower fields go by driving through different European motorways. Music will accompany our whole journey. Praha/Kafka is premised on the tourist’s gaze, who observes in a friendly manner that which she encounters in the new places she visits. The puppets and the street musicians are as important or even more so than the churches and the roof tops in the city. Other tourists are also an important focus point: we see tourists sitting down on the floor watching the musicians, climbing up public sculptures and posing for street painters. At night, they are encouraged to sing by a musician with his guitar. These are the people that infuse some rhythm into this lordly and classic city, which is being sold, in T-shirt form, with the help of its “local hero”: Franz Kafka.

Praha/Kafka is structured around a superficial look at the city, the look of the traveller arriving at a new place and observing her surroundings trying to discover new things and lively people.

As is the case in every journey, the time for returning arrives, and again, we return to the bus and to the motorways.

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  • Title: Praha/Kafka
  • Direction: Manel Muntaner
  • Production: El·lipsi Produccions / Glaciar. 1992.
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