Trilogía del Silencio

Carmen Sigler
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Trilogía del silencio comprises three performances in which women are again the main characters. In the three situations the focus is laid on silence, lack of communication and loneliness. The three performances by the three women, including the artist herself, take place in very different stages: a busy street, the interior of a house, and an office.

Formally, the artist combines different shots, playing with the speed of the image, and so attaining a “double reality” effect. The scene starts out “realist” in character, and then, an “illusory shot”, reflecting on the first scene, is superimposed. A critical dialogue between both settings, realist and illusory, is created.

As in other works by the artist, various different meanings unfold. On the one hand we have Sigler’s interest in analysing women’s role in contemporary society and their search for an identity of their own, and on the other, the piece refers to more universal themes, such as the psychological isolation suffered by individuals in society today and the problems of communication that capitalist society generates.

In the first scene of the piece we are witness to the abandonment suffered by a poor woman thrown on the street, something which alludes to the feminisation of precarity. The image of the artist trying to lay down next to the beggar is superimposed on the first scene. Due to the fact that both shots have been filmed separately, the communication between both scenes and women reveals to be impossible, working only on a virtual, mental, level.

In the second fragment, four women share a moment of intimacy in the living room of a house. Even though they are sharing the same space, they are not communicating. Even though they modify their physical postures, there is no contact; they withdraw, they cover their faces... they lock themselves within their inner worlds. At one specific moment, the artist stands in front of the scene and, looking at the camera, extracts from her mouth words written in different pieces of paper, that, put together, read: “words that hide”.

In the final part of the piece the artist, sitting at an office table, compulsively tosses sheets of paper around, making references to work and work-related stress. Over this speedy woman, the image of a ludic and magical woman is superimposed. This latter woman makes soap bubbles and invites us to enter “other realities”, to try the escape routes of play, dreams and creation.

Technical datasheet

  • Title: Trilogía del Silencio
  • Direction: Carmen Sigler
  • Production: Medios Técnicos Ático7 S.A. 2001.
  • Duration: 00:06:10
  • Original format: DV-Cam
  • Formats: Betacam Digital - DVD
  • TV systems: PAL
  • License: Copyright